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The Young Academy aims to position its international profile with the following activities:

  • developing a worldwide network of young researchers (together with other Young Academies)
  • developing joint projects with international researchers
  • working on a larger international lobby to address the European Union or the United Nations

The Young Academy participates in international meetings between young scientists and scholars. One example is Frontiers of Science, where young researchers from the UK, China and the Netherlands debate interdisciplinary topics.

The internationalisation track started in November 2013. Before there was an Internationalisation Committee (2009 -2013). Its aim is to boost the Young Academy's international reputation. To achieve this aim, members of the Young Academy have attended the World Economic Forum, the Interacademy Panel and the 'Summer Davos' in Dalian, China, for example.

Young academies around the world

The Young Academy has set an example for other academies of sciences worldwide. It encourages them to set up their own version of a young academy and to join in developing an international network of young academies.

Featured Highlights in 2015

Scientist focus on solutions for the refugee crisis

With immigration dominating headlines and political agendas across Europe and elsewhere, and increasing numbers of refugees and asylum seekers, the Global Young Academy, the Dutch Royal Society of Sciences and Arts, and the Dutch Young Academy decided to explore this agenda through an interdisciplinary lens.

Over twenty young scientists – with wide-ranging expertise and hailing from over 10 countries - met in Amsterdam in December 2015 to discuss the refugee crisis, with a particular but not exclusive focus on integration issues in Europe.

The report Fresh Eyes on the Refugee Crisis: an interdisciplinary approach (A Dutch summary is available) was presented to the European Commission,OECD, the UN, and the global research community to help mitigate and better manage the refugee crisis more widely.

Commissioned by the Global Young Academy, film maker Adam Westbrook created a visualisation to express the 'different view' on the refugee crisis.

Contest A Question for Europe

Together with other young academies, The Young Academy participated in the jury process of a contest about the dynamics of integration in Europe.

An expat guide to Dutch universities  

In 2015, The Young Academy commenced a guide to help expat researchers find their way in the Netherlands and at Dutch universities. In 2018 'A Beginner's Guide to Dutch Academia' was presented to the minister.

Participation international conferences

In 2015, members of The Young Academy participated in several international conferences.  

Membership international organisations

Roberta D’Alessandro, Bettina Speckmann, Arianna Betti and alumni Mihai Netea, Gijs Wuite and Wilfred van der Wiel are members of the Global Young Academy.
Christian Lange became a member of the Young Academy of Europe. Alexander Sack and Tine De Moor are members as well.

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