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The Young Academy focuses on four themes as organising principles for its activities. These are: interdisciplinarity within science and scholarship; science policy; science and society and internationalisation.

All members of the Young Academy must devote themselves to at least one theme. The activities target different groups, ranging from young scientists, politicians and policy officers to primary school pupils and the general public.

Interdisciplinarity within science and scholarship

The Young Academy creates opportunities for exchanges and cross-fertilisation. By exploring interfaces with other disciplines, members will be inspired to discover new perspectives on their own research. Examples include the Young Academy's symposiums on such provocative interdisciplinary themes as Time (2005), Cognition (2006), Uncertainty (2008) and Recreating Man (2009)

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Science policy

The Young Academy takes part in discussions of science policy. Its attitude in such discussions is constructive; rather than merely criticise, the Young Academy wishes to propose innovative and practical solutions. It is precisely because its members are experienced scientists firmly grounded in research practice that the Young Academy can make an inspiring contribution to the debate on science policy.

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Science and society

The Young Academy is especially active in communicating about science. Members contribute regularly to publications in the national press and to radio and TV programmes. They organise educational projects and participate in public events focusing on science, for example 'Discovery' and 'Sunday Expertise' in October, National Knowledge Month in the Netherlands. They have also organised their own activities, for example the Young Academy on Wheels, in which a busload of scientists spent a day visiting secondary schools.

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The Young Academy aims to position its international profile with the following aims:

  • developing a worldwide network of young researchers (together with other Young Academies)
  • developing joint projects with international researchers
  • working on a larger international lobby to address the European Union or the United Nations

The Young Academy participates in international meetings between young scientists and scholars.

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