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Governance and committees

The Young Academy selects its own board from among its members. The board's main aim is to support members' work by guiding and properly coordinating their ideas and activities. The board is also the first point of contact for external parties and for the Royal Academy.

The chairperson is responsible for coordination and general matters. He or she is also the technical chairperson of the Selection Committee. The other board members oversee the Young Academy's themes and are responsible for the other permanent and temporary committees.

Board members as of April 2019

    • Hanneke Hulst (science and society)
    • Erik van Sebille (internationalisation and chairperson of the voorzitter Young Academy Grants Committee)
    • Arjan Houtepen (interdisciplinarity within science)

Permanent and temporary committees

The Young Academy has two permanent committees: the Selection Committee and the Young Academy Grants Committee. Young Academy grants make it possible for members to develop plans and ideas, either jointly or individually, that fit in with the Young Academy's objectives. There are also temporary committees in charge of specific activities.

Tracés (working groups)

The Young Academy focuses on four themes as organising principles for its activities in working groups (tracés). These are: interdisciplinarity within science and scholarship; science policy; science and society and internationalisation. All members of the Young Academy must devote themselves to at least one theme. The activities target different groups, ranging from young scientists, politicians and policy officers to primary school pupils and the general public.



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